Sitecore Courier

Why Sitecore Courier?

Sitecore Courier aims to fill the gap between the development and production environments when building websites with Sitecore CMS. It lets you build Sitecore Update packages automatically, by analyzing serialized Sitecore items and packaging only changed items.

Using the Sitecore Courier Utility

There are multiple way you can use this utility.

  • The module can be installed as a Sitecore package. You can download the package from MarketPlace.
  • You can run the exe through Console Runner, by downloading the code from here.
  • You can also installed module through chocolatey, For More Information click here.

Configuring Sitecore Courier

  • Open Visual Studio, and download the source code from this link.
  • Replace the Sitecore dll with your Sitecore Website dll in the Lib folder.
  • Build the Solution.
  • Right Click on Web project and publish the Solutions.


  • After you publish the solution, add the following to the configSections section of web.config:

<section name=”sitecorediff” type=”Sitecore.Update.Configuration.ConfigReader, Sitecore.Update”/>


And the following to the <configuration> section (right above <sitecore database=”SqlServer”>)

  • Open the $website/PackageGenerationWizard.aspx. You will get the below screen


  • Currently Source folder is empty, that why it has added all the element from Target folder.
    • Click on Generate Button, It will create the *.Update in $Website/Temp folder. Also the “Download Package” link is provide at the bottom.


  • Using Console Runner.exe

    • You will find the Courier.Runner.exe in console Project of Bin folder.
    • Copy all the sitecore.dll from Lib into Bin Folder or also you can you copy the below file in separate folder


  • Call the below command in Command Prompt In administrator Mode. Courier.Runner.exe -s C:\Source -t C:\Target -o C:\Package.update

-s – Source folder

-t – Target folder

-o – Output package



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