Integration Sitecore 9.2 Experience Forms and EXM.

Sitecore 9.2 Experience Forms Token help to transfer the data to EXM without writing single line of code, With the help of token we can pass the form value.


To pass the form data across the EXM Campaign.

  • Create the registration Form contain the (First Name, Last Name and Email)
  • Passing this data to EXM.
  • EXM will send the data in email, with proper content.

For doing this no code is required, as Sitecore experience form has come up with inbuilt functionality.

  • Create the sample registration Form, as shown below. Once you create form, you need rebuild the master Index as it will not appear when you will come next time.In my Case I have Rebuild Master Index, as well rename and name it again as there are few bugs still available in Experience Form.
    • Adding Token to Sitecore 9.2 Experience Form.
    • Creating Automated Email. We need to Insert Token $firstname$, $lastname$,$email$.
  • Once you created the Automated email, you need check the “Service email campaign” checkbox. And click on Activate button.
  • After Activating, you will see the email campaign in Automated Grid, as well this be available in the “Select Email Campaign Message Dropdown”.
  • You will receive all the Token value in the Email.
  • Configuring SMTP for EXM, Open “Sitecore.EDS.Providers.CustomSMTP.config” file “App_Config\Sitecore\EmailExperience” and add the SMTP details
<smtpSettings type="Sitecore.EDS.Core.Net.Smtp.SmtpSettings, Sitecore.EDS.Core" singleInstance="true">
                    <proxySettings ref="exm/eds/proxySettings" />

Note:- I am using the HMAIL server to test this functionality.

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